Australian Aboriginal proverb on dreams.

 Those who lose dreaming are lost.

Australian Aboriginal proverb



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5 responses to “Australian Aboriginal proverb on dreams.

  1. hi

    Those who lose dreaming are lost.

  2. john

    Get off your high horse Mary!

    There are so many other great quotes on this website from cultures that
    actually contribute something to society. If you want Aboriginal quotes,
    which are pretty ambiguous to begin with, try an Australian website.


  3. Mary

    there is only 1 english aboriginal proverb
    u need more!!!=[
    very bad

  4. Mary

    very very bad website
    sorry but itz not good enough
    if a yr 5 is doing a project on aborigines,they wont find any on it
    very bad
    u need 2 put more aboriginal proverbs on it