Bridget Bardot quote on happiness.

I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy.
— Brigitte Bardot



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5 responses to “Bridget Bardot quote on happiness.

  1. nothingstaysthesame

    She is still very, very beautiful to my yes — when your soul is developed, the kindness shines through and is illuminious.

  2. Anne

    Bridget knows what is important not vanity, but trying to stop people abusing animals. Looking attractive is so insignificant compared to fighting for animals rights.

  3. lionel

    To know tht one has made a difference by improving the life and respect o animals who are gods gift of plesure to us should help one to sleeep better and be happy

  4. Thanks Kelly for the comment! Bridget Bardot is still a fantastic woman that fights for what she believes in.

  5. bridget was a head of her time and a very brave woman.she still is fighting for people,animals and human rights.she could have been exploited but she stayed in control of her life and made her own way.she walked away from the industry when she could have made so much more i think because she realized what was important in life and what just isnt. im lucky because i have been compared to her all my life for all the right reasons. so if your out there baba thanks!