Steven Hawking quote on not giving up.

“It matters if you just don’t give up.”

Steven Hawking English Physicist


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10 responses to “Steven Hawking quote on not giving up.

  1. I was just kidding- your quotes are great.

  2. Hi-

    I find your quotes not very good. I have found several other sites that are much better than yours. As a candidate for president, I order you guys to get your act together!!!!


  3. travelmate81

    i believed on every comment posted here that you guys have different situations. But my perception is a bit different. I once fell inlove to an almost perfect man, we nveer fought about anything- the things that was only complicates the relationship was his being workaholic. he doesnt want to lose me but of course he love working as he doesnt want to lose a penny with his business, i love him but I gave him up … to make him enjoy what he really wants. i explained to him that i understood everything and i love him so much, therefore giving him his freedom. iF God’s will that someday we are still meant for each other then that will be the perfect timing. I don’t want to lock him up becuse I love him that would be selfish, I’d rather see him happy and not blaming me about the things he might not have done than be with me having limitations and responsibility to girl friend.

  4. Tom

    I always interpret this quote to mean, “if you simply aren’t willing to give up on something, then it truly matters,” to yourself if no one else.

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  6. Thanks for the comment Kathline. I appreciate it! Since I have been diagnosed with cancerous lymphoma I have come to appreciate Professor Hawkings quote even more as I will never give into my disease either!!!!!!

    By the way the last catscan that I had showed some improvement in my condition but I have a long way to go. I pray that the good Lord will give me the strength to prevail over this disease.

  7. Kathline

    Wow, thats really touching! i love it

  8. caitrine9freedom

    thank you …

  9. Thanks for the heart felt comment caitrine9freedom. This quote that comes from Professor Hawking (who knows quite a bit about trauma himself having suffered from Lou Gerhigs disease for 40 years now) has never given up or in to the disease. He still pursues his love of phsyics and cosmology up to this day. When you hear this quote from him “It matters if you just dont give up.” That comes from his experience in life battles. He most certainly knows what he is talking about. So long as you do not give up there is always a chance of success.

  10. caitrine9freedom

    sometimes that is so hard .. not giving up .. I have had many tramas in my life and survived them all .. but sometimes I wonder why I am here… I have tried to die but it doesn’t seem to be my detiny as of yet …. so I keep going and growing and hopeing …
    so it matters if you don’t give up …. for who does it matter … loved ones… I can’t do what I want in life , health holds me back … but I give what I can … and try to recieve what is given but only that which is good … I need to learn how to live fully each day, I try and some days I make it others I don’t … I am here to serve, I am here to give but my family asks little of me, afraid of how I would react . Will it send me into a whirlpool or will it be alright . I wish they knew I need them to need me too. For if someone does not need me , were is life …
    Sometimes it’s hard to hang in there. I want so much more from life and try my best to get it …. it is learning and reaching out that counts … so it maters if I just don’t give up ….