Albert Einstien quote on the law of mathematics.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

Albert Einstein
US (German-born)



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14 responses to “Albert Einstien quote on the law of mathematics.

  1. Roohan

    What to say about the genius Einstien . he was an absolute miracle on this earth. i think nobody will overtake him in his field .i like him very very much.He was a rare intelligent person .every body should read of his achievements ,his work, his theories . we thank him for his contribution .


  2. ~scribbles~

    as far as laws of mathematics go their aint any proper ones publicised.

  3. ~scribbles~

    i dont fallow much but einstein is my hero.

  4. ~scribbles~

    if life is ment to be messured then i am already dead.

  5. true indeed, they even preserved his brain

  6. yes, he was truely a genius.

  7. I was reading an article about Einstein’s brain and how different it was as opposed to a normal human brain. It had about more Glial cells (I think the spelling is correct) that provide support and protection for neurons while the neurons densities were greater.

    Einstein’s brain also has an unusual pattern of grooves in an area thought to be involved in mathematical skills. It was 15 percent wider than the other brains, suggesting that the combined effect of the differences may be better connections between nerve cells involved in mathematical abilities.

  8. pratibimb sinha

    einstien was a genius.his theories r not understable even now.most of us can’t describe the theory of relativity in the way he actually wanted to tell.
    as far as mathematics is concerned without it nothing is possible.our comfortable life is just because of maths.einstien was beyond any subject.and that’s what he said-
    “knowledge is not important but imagination is important”

  9. i’m aizirk 1st year i love math,becouse thats my favorite subject

  10. hi, am a doctor but likes a mathematician EINSTIEN.
    he was Genius. his law has importance in our life.
    he was not Related with time but still alive in world of

  11. Tandi Hamlet Nc

    It is quite remarkable, but there are some things I don’t abide with, not only as a physics student from the university of Buea, 200 level, but also as a Born-Again.
    Not every thing as Einstien quotes is relative, for example, TRUTH is NOT RELATIVE.

  12. iam astudent in the second year of faculty of science ,math and physics department.i beleive in the princples of indeterminism and uncertainly.i need to do study in relativity.