Borrowing from Steve Hawkings quote…

“It matters if you just don’t give up.” How true that is! I have come to know that statement on a more personal note.

Last December I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. The canacer was found in my stomach and spleen. It had also spread to the lungs. Fortunately this is a cancer that is treatable.

I was operated on in the first week of January having my stomach and spleen could not be saved. After weeks of healing and taking chemo.

I just had a catscan done yeseterday and the doctor said from a preliminary look I had improved.

I tell you this I would not have gone this far with out a good support group that included my family especially my sister and the doctors she had me go to. It has been a experience.

While I have months of chemo left to go I know I am going to beat this cancer. If I am going to die of anything it will be of old age. Glad to be back I hope to keep on writing here.


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One response to “Borrowing from Steve Hawkings quote…

  1. I hope you’re well.

    It’s during this hard time that inspirational quotes can really make a difference. Look after yourself and may you recover ASAP.

    And oh! Don’t forget the power of prayer.