Mohammed Ali quote on imagination…

The man who has no imagination has no wings.

Mohammed Ali — US Boxer and former World Heavy

Weight Champion…



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3 responses to “Mohammed Ali quote on imagination…

  1. upsidedown mom (wow)

    What a moving story…
    I wonder why Forrest still doesnt know how to spell important after 88 years of life, and is able to use the computer and knows computer shorthand.
    Very suprising!

    Great use of imagination, Forrest! ha ha!

  2. forrest Williams Jones

    Hey mel ,

    Youre ryt cos i once got straded on a really small island and something in me made me think about swimming the 7 mile sea not once did i think it once crazy because i buggered.Anyway i dived in but what i didnt no was that area is were humans cannot be swimming because off the sharks that are around there .About 30 mins when i was swimming this like huge jaws came up from the water surface and took a hard bite and took of my left leg up to my knee .I was in so much pain.I some how kept on swimming but only about 20 mins later i was feeling so drowzy .About 2 hours after the shark attack .there was a storm ,An current Basicly DRAGGED me under the water at least about 10 meters from the surface.But then i swam my way back to the surface and i kept on swimming and swimming a swimming .The only thing that kept me going was my family .I had now been swimming at least 6 hours now .The water seemed fairly warm surprisinly.At this point it was Pitch black.At one point i was thinking about giving up.But then i thought no i have got to keep on going .About 5 hours went Morning was starting to come up.But then a Huge wave smashed my head on to a rock.At this point i was knocked out .About roughly 20 mins later i found my self on an island about 6meters wide and long.i could see the coast very Briefly .Since i began the swim i would say i had on been trying to find the nearest country for about 14 hours .i looked down i my foot was actually hanging off from the shark attack.Anyway i got back in the water stargerley anoth i i swam and swam and swam .About 4 hours later i hit the coast of America -california.It was evening not to dark really.When i got on the beach and i looked up a the coast it was like a Huge weight was lifted off me .I was strugerling to walk .But Luckerley a young teenaged group spotted me . I Asked them to call the abulance but they didnt they left me there on the beach and started laughin at me .I was litrually crawling on the beach looking for pwoplw beacause that was my only chance because i was gasping for air .My foot was hanging off so i could not work and i was nearly unconsios .About 10 mins later A large group off young men were celebrating a birthday .they were on the beach.They saw me and they drove me to an hospital and i was in the hospital for 6 months .About 10 months after i healed i was on the news .i was 66 when i did that and now i’m 88 .i now have the medal of honour .

    That goes to shows Your heart is so inportant.

    Forrest W Jones.

  3. Mel

    The truest thing anyone can say. You may be trapped physically but your heart and mind can take you anywhere…