Reverend Jesse Jackson quote on Obama talking down to black people…

Obama had been talking down to black people and added: “I want to cut his nuts out.”

Reverend Jesse Jackson


Now the Reverend has since apologized to and Obama has accepted the apology.  I for one hope that rest of the campaign for Ptresident will be conducted in a civilized manner.



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10 responses to “Reverend Jesse Jackson quote on Obama talking down to black people…

  1. JesseJacksonIsABum

    Jesse Jackson is an uneducated, black, psychopathic, hypocritical, irrational bum. He is a criminal and he should have his nuts cut off.

  2. angela from rochester

    jesee jackson is jealous

  3. Sheila Davis

    I find Jessie Jackson’s comments appalling. He who has supposedly spoken on blacke progress, black power,has now let his people down.He who associated himself with Martin Luther King is a disgrace. I think he needs to take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate himself

  4. Thanks for the comment Kathy! And to all the others that have commented here too!

  5. Kathy Thompson

    I am embarrased of Rev. Jesse Jackson! It is time for African-Americans to be happy for each other. Being a sucessful African-American man is something to be proud of. Rev. Jesse Jackson walked with the Late Great Rev. Martin Luther King in the 1960’s , Obama is a living example of Rev. King’s dream. It is time for people of color to work together and stop destroying each other. Be proud of our legacy, it is time to make the dream of the slaves a reality. Rev. Jesse Jackson should not only apologize to Obama but the African-American race.

  6. warren4321

    Obama is a charismatic guy which his capability is yet to show in full, but we know that he has his own thinking and ideas on how to make thing right.

  7. edbooked

    If anyone knows about talking down to people, its Jesse Jackson…especially when the subject is about that which he knows not.

  8. Truly an odd off the wall comment. How do you get from condescension to wanting to cut someone’s nuts off?

  9. Thanks for commenting goodtimes… It will be an interesting race for the Presidency

  10. goodtimepolitics

    I think Jessie was right and he got caught letting his feeling known! Obama has lied to different groups as he needs their votes! Now he’s looking serious at Dodd for VP, If people vote him in then they will suffer the results later!